A train refers to the liquefaction and purification facility at an LNG plant. So we use TRAINS as an acronym for the values we embrace: teamwork, respect, accountability, integrity, nimble and safety. We’re driven by a commitment to transparency, accountability and creating impact — all of which are a result of our values in action. 

2020 governance highlights

In 2020, we engaged with policymakers on critical issues, including successfully enhancing safety standards across the U.S. LNG industry. We also implemented rigorous vetting and engagement processes with our value chain partners on issues ranging from safety to human rights. We are committed to effective corporate governance and high ethical standards, which underpin our ability to create long-term value for our stakeholders.

  • Engaged with the U.S. Congress over the past two years to modernize LNG export safety regulations as part of the 2020 Pipeline Safety Reauthorization reforms.
  • Implemented a system to enhance supplier sourcing, screening and monitoring.

2020 governance highlights: by the numbers

increase in ethnically diverse management since 2016
employee completion of ethics and compliance training
different organizations included in ESG feedback interviews and surveys