Our corporate culture doesn’t start and stop with just employees. We are a culture of excellence. We are committed to creating positive impact for socially responsible topics important to us and important to our employees. And we know this boosts employee morale and our overall company culture. The impact we’ve created is shaped by our employees, which has shaped who we are and who we want to be in the future; from safety to real-time social issues to our suppliers and to our efforts around sustainability and the environment. 

A culture of safety

Employee safety is our top priority. And in 2020, safety took on a different meaning with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • We focused on establishing workplace protocols and educating employees about their physical health and safety — for example, establishing a policy and protocols for minimizing transmission of the virus. 
  • We also acknowledged the psychological safety aspect — especially stress — that this unprecedented crisis could create. 
  • We took action by retaining a doctor to advise the company, regularly published safety tips, and providing resources for coping and keeping focused on maintaining a safe, supportive and collaborative work environment. 
  • We performed family outreach for facility operators who quarantined and lived on-site, and we provided these families with care packages filled with games and treats. 
  • We modified schedules and enabled employees to work virtually, and trained managers to help employees cope with elevated stress. 
  • We also recognized the economic and resource strain this virus was having on the communities surrounding our locations and took swift action by partnering with various organizations to deliver critical supplies to frontline workers, donated more than $1 million to global COVID-19 relief efforts and even sent meals to medical workers and first responders as a way of showing our support.

A culture of inclusion

Cheniere took a visual approach to creating positive impact in June 2020 by releasing the company logo in rainbow colors, in celebration and support of the LGBTQ+ community. The Houston Chronicle recognized this progressive move of open inclusion in our industry with the headline: ​“Cheniere Energy breaks industry barrier with gay pride month logo.” Our company culture is one that openly supports and discusses the important social issues that affect a diverse workforce, but we know there are more barriers to breakthrough and we’re constantly working on how we achieve that.

A culture of responsibility

We’re also in a unique position to bring about change when considering the diverse group of partners across our entire business. These partners and suppliers — individually and collectively — provide a strong framework to enable the integration of diversity, and climate solutions for Cheniere and the industry at large. 

We are methodically reviewing our business to identify and analyze climate-related opportunities across our value chain where we can create positive impact. Outside of our operations, we are evaluating additional climate-focused opportunities such as collaborating with our partners to identify and pursue actionable solutions across the value chain. This includes — but is not limited to — LNG shipping, gas procurement and transportation, renewable power procurement, digitization, operations and supply chain management. 

We’re proud to report that over the past few years we have achieved a reduction in greenhouse gas emission intensity, and we will continue to seek ways to further reduce the environmental footprint of our operations. And we’re holding ourselves accountable by transparently collecting and reporting data for our corporate responsibility reports.