Our paid summer internship program offers students the opportunity to work in a highly energetic company that’s focused on creating an impact in energy, culture and communities.

The program attracts the highest caliber of students seeking to jump-start their careers. Over 12 weeks, our interns become valuable members of our team, encouraged to contribute to challenging, substantive projects. Through the experience, interns acquire marketable skills to serve them throughout their careers, such as planning projects, hosting meetings, preparing and delivering presentations and implementing real solutions into operations. 

The program facilitates a network that lasts a lifetime, providing invaluable connections and experiences to benefit interns as they embark on their careers. Each intern is assigned an experienced mentor to provide personalized professional development. Interns attend role model lunches with senior executives, offering a valuable opportunity to interact face-to-face with some of the most prominent minds in energy. Former interns, who are now full-time Cheniere employees, also provide guidance and perspective at the annual internship panel discussion. 

Being a part of what we do at Cheniere is only a part of the internship journey. The program dedicates time to helping interns understand how we create a positive impact in the communities where we work as well as team building events that spotlight our values. 

When our interns leave, we hope they take with them a high standard of excellence for how companies value people and communities, and a strong desire to create impact in their next endeavor.


Our intern program is unlike other programs. Long before our interns arrive, the Cheniere team works to finalize a 12-week plan that is packed full of experience, culture, community service, mentorship and much more. 

When you leave Cheniere, we hope you take with you unique learning experiences from work related projects, new knowledge about LNG and the positive impact we create, and finally, a sense of accomplishment.

Typically 12 weeks in the summer.

Internships are not restricted by location. Although most interns work in our Houston, Texas headquarters building, we also have a number who are at each of our sites in Corpus Christi and Sabine Pass as well as those who work from our office in Washington D.C.

Each year we offer a variety of opportunities across the entire organization. This year, we have more than 40 interns working in accounting, communications, compliance and ethics, corporate development, corporate security, engineering, gas supply and trading, government affairs, human resources, health and safety, information technology, land services, supply chain and treasury. We assess opportunities each year, and new openings are frequently added. 

We talk a lot about commitment at Cheniere. Long before the coronavirus, we made a commitment to over 40 college students. After sending our workforce home full-time to help reduce the spread of the virus, we rebuilt our plan and invited all of the interns to come work with us in a virtual environment.

The 2020 program is different from past summer internship years, with these exceptions: interns are still embedded in our business, play an active role in problem-solving and projects, and share their own experiences, knowledge and insight.