We’ve built an industry-leading LNG operation, and we’ve accomplished this with a focus on commercial innovation, reliable production and customer-focused operations. 

More than 3,400 cumulative LNG cargoes of LNG have been produced, loaded and exported from our liquefaction projects and have been delivered to 39 countries and regions (markets) around the globe. 

Our business is building and operating highly contracted, long-lived infrastructure, supported by the long-term economic and environmental fundamentals that create demand for LNG. Most of our production has been sold under long-term, multi-decade contracts with creditworthy customers, and the remaining volume is sold by our marketing affiliate. This combination ensures we are ideally positioned to leverage our flexibility, reliability and world-class platform to best serve our existing customers and enable continued growth.


Cheniere offers attractive and flexible commercial options for LNG buyers around the world. We provide low-cost, flexible and tailored solutions for customers, and these attributes underscore our successful business model:

  • Reliable source of LNG supply for the global market, supporting customer goals for a more environmentally friendly and economic source of energy.
  • LNG supply for customers, backed by robust U.S. natural gas resources.
  • Competitive LNG pricing tied to the U.S. Henry Hub natural gas index.
  • Tailor-made contract structures, including features such as destination flexibility and the ability to cancel cargo liftings with advance notice. 

Commercial innovation is in our DNA. We have used our industry-leading, full-service platform to create commercial products that have allowed us to become the fourth largest LNG seller and second-largest LNG operator in the world. Our commercial offerings include: 

  • Free-On-Board (FOB): Cheniere procures natural gas feedstock, transports it to the terminal and completes the liquefaction process. Customer provides vessel and purchases LNG at Cheniere’s facilities. The customer maintains destination flexibility. 
  • Delivered at Terminal (DAT): Cheniere procures natural gas feedstock, transports it to the terminal, completes the liquefaction process and charters vessel and delivers LNG to customer’s specified receiving terminal. 
  • Integrated Production Marketing (IPM): U.S. natural gas producer sells gas to Cheniere on a global gas or LNG index, less a fixed liquefaction fee, shipping and other costs. Cheniere transports the natural gas feedstock to the terminal, completes the liquefaction process, sells the LNG into the global market and charters vessel and delivers the cargo to the end customer.


Cheniere is more than your average energy company. We’re driven by our vision to provide clean, secure and affordable energy to the world. We have built a premier LNG trading platform through our marketing affiliate.

While approximately 90% of Cheniere’s LNG production capacity is contracted on a long-term basis, additional LNG is available to be sold by Cheniere Marketing. Any production above the amounts sold under long-term contracts is available for Cheniere Marketing to sell into the global market. Cheniere Marketing can also purchase LNG from third parties and market those volumes to customers.

The LNG sold by Cheniere Marketing is offered to customers under flexible delivery and pricing terms, on a FOB or DAT basis and under short-, mid- and long-term sales. Cheniere Marketing charters LNG vessels to support sales made on a DAT basis.