Last year shook the very foundations of our world. Uncertainty. Doubt. Loss. But at Cheniere, we remained grounded, yet nimble. Resolute, yet responsive. We’ve built a flexible and resilient business for today, and for the challenges ahead. With sustainability as our focus and diversity as a strength, we continue to support the transition to a lower-carbon future. We have demonstrated our ability to adapt and our resilience in the face of unprecedented headwinds. We are built for the challenge.

2020 highlights

We are committed to the responsible and proactive management of our most important ESG impacts, risks and opportunities. This includes a strategic focus on ensuring that our business remains resilient in the global energy transition and delivers lasting value to all our stakeholders. 

Cheniere’s LNG delivers tangible results to our customers around the globe, and in doing so, has helped enable the advancement of the global energy transition. 

Cheniere is creating added value in meeting the world’s energy needs by:

  • Expanding global access to LNG
  • Supporting the energy transition
  • Improving air quality
  • Supporting domestic economic growth
  • Driving shareholder value

2020 by the numbers highlights

paid in 2020 wages and benefits
community giving from 2017-2020
investments in 2020 property, plant and equipment

2020 corporate responsibility materials

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